9Apps is a modern and high-quality alternative for the standard app store on the Android. Users switch to this program due to its smooth operation and the absence of linking utilities to Google services. Not all people have a Google account, not everyone wants to start one for one reason or another. This is a problem for downloading software products to smartphones and tablets since the Play Market works only through a Google account. To avoid problems with this, users resort to the help of third-party markets. Despite the fact that they are not official and widespread, they work no worse, or even better than well-known markets. Download the official version of 9Apps for free from our website to your smartphone or tablet.


Download and install the presented utility on a smartphone or tablet running the Android operating system.

Options and Features

  • Automatic updates. This market provides users with the function of auto-updating games and utilities that they download to their devices. You don't have to constantly log into the program and check if any updates have come out. The utility will do everything for you quickly and without unnecessary hassle.
  • Catalog. On the main page of the program there is a catalog with all the programs available there. It is possible to search for utilities by category, enter names in the search bar, etc. By opening one of the found applications and scrolling down, you will see similar and recommended programs.
  • Recommendations. After some time spent in the utility, you will be able to receive recommendations, as 9Apps will understand what you like, what you like and what your preferences are. In the recommendations you can find something new and interesting for yourself.
  • No need to create any accounts. 9Apps does not require absolutely anything from you and does not link your applications to any accounts. This is an important advantage of the application, for which it is appreciated and chosen by many users.
  • High-quality and proven programs. Here you will not find almost any software product for a narrow audience or with a low rating. All utilities pass several checks before being uploaded to the market and having received permission, appear on the store's pages.


If you are tired of having to create an account to download an application to a smartphone or tablet, link it to the market, etc., then 9Apps will come to your rescue. This market will help optimize the work with downloading applications, searching for them and using them. Search for and install only proven and secure applications on your device.