9Apps for Android: The Best Downloader

Android undoubtedly is the best operating system that a phone user can have. There are so many things that you can do and get easily if you use an Android. Since it has no bars and limits, you can download whatever you want and however, you want with no restrictions whatsoever. The best feature of Android on which even Apple users will agree is the Google play store. It has so many apps that anyone can download within a blink of an eye. What you need is a search for the apps you need and hit install.

9apps for android

However, there is just one problem that play store arises, you can download only the apps, and that too which are available on it. What if you wish to download a ringtone or wallpaper? There is one app that will resolve this issue, that is, 9apps for Android. It is one solution to all your miseries. The app can help you download all the wallpapers, ringtones and even games and apps that you don’t get on Play store. The main advantage of having 9apps in your phone is that you have so many options and apps available to you; you might even lose the count.

  • 9apps for Android would even direct you to the Play store if the app you have searched for is already available there. And if not, well 9apps is there for you. If the stuff that you require is available on 9apps, it will not download the original app but the APK version of it, which would work just as fine as the normal version would have. It may even direct you to the link or download the app within its database. It allows you to directly download so many beautiful and appealing wallpapers and fun ringtones. In case of apps and games, the app may not allow a direct download. It depends on what game or app you have selected to download.
  • There is another interesting and useful app that will help you download whatever you want and whenever you want. Vidmate app is the app that lets you download content from social media sites and pages. If you use this app, you can easily download videos and pictures from sites such as Facebook, and even YouTube. Interesting, right? The best part is the app is absolutely free of cost and requires an easy download from Google Play store or you can even get an APK version. The app is even available for other operating systems.
  • Originally, Vidmate started as a Windows application that helped you download videos from Facebook, Daily Motion, and YouTube. You could watch television over Vidmate without using all your data. But now the developers have made an Android version of the app. In addition, the movies that you download are available in all sorts of languages and from all over the world, be it Hollywood, Dollywood or of course, Bollywood. Not to mention, all these downloads are absolutely free of cost and can be operated by any non-techy person also.

9apps and Vidmate have successfully changed the phase for limited downloads available to Androids or any other OS. Use them to freely download all you need on your phone or laptop.

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