9Apps is a very nice and light app, it’s exactly like the Play Store, inside it you can download apps like music, games, ringtones, stickers, entertainment funny video, movie comedy etc. All apps in this app are available in Apk format and all paid apps you can install free.

This video lets you know how to download 9Apps?

Introduction 9apps

If you have been an Android user, you might have found that a majority of the apps in the store are free, and they have an annoying feature, i.e. ads. These adverts keep popping up while you are using the app and can often be the source of frustration and for you to uninstall the app, without fully utilizing it.
A solution to this is to use the paid version of the apps or use another app, which is also paid. In short, paying for ads is what can help you use the features of the application to its fullest. The reason why most apps are paid for is that it helps run the servers used to back the applications up. It also is a revenue stream for the developers. But not everyone can afford to pay a premium for all the apps they need; luckily Android is a very open operating system.

9apps Apk store

9apps Apk store


9Apps latest Version 2018

File Size 4.0 MB
Type Tools
Require Android 4.0 or later
Star rating 4+
Downloads 9008680+
Update 2018-08-30

The OS allows the installation and usage of third-party apps, i.e. applications from the internet, which can work on the device. These come in the form of a file called an APK, which stands for Android Package Kit. Almost all the files on the Play Store are also in the form of an APK.

Download the Latest Version 2018 of 9Apps

After successful launch of 9Apps application for Android, 9Apps has launched advanced version for apple operating system, iOS, and Windows.

Download 9Apps for PC 2018

Characterised by a compact interface that is completely intuitive to operate, the latest version of 9apps offers speed like never before. Today, the swiftness of an application is just as valuable as its functionality and relevance. 9Apps offers the best of both worlds. Our users can download anything ranging from games to wallpapers and clipart. All of this is completely compatible with the I Series processing system. As always, the applications that can be downloaded through 9apps remain absolutely freefor PC 2018.

This is available for the Windows operating system as well. You can download the Windows-based application for your mobile device quite easily as well.

What is 9apps?

Imagine an application which allows you to download paid software for free and also does not take up space or memory on your phone, introducing 9apps, a convenient solution for the frugal user. With this app, you can now download the paid version of your favourite apps. There are thousands of apps and games curated just for you and all of which you can download for absolutely nothing. The application also gets updated regularly, and its UI is one of the easiest to use.

Why 9apps?

The wide selection of applications along with the freedom to download paid apps is not available in another web store. It can be downloaded from the internet with a click of a button and are only a few megabytes in size meaning the interface does not require a lot of memory to run efficiently. The app also tells you how much space you have, and if the app you plan to download will fit or not. Another great feature is that, unlike other app stores, you can update all the apps you download from 9apps. You can also download other apps, which are filtered out by the Google Play Store. There is also no sign in required, and you can download apps almost instantly.
It also happens to work any Android device, running Android 4.0 and up, and the low file size means that it will run smoothly even on older devices.


Features of 9apps

• No paying for premium apps
• Directly download ringtones, wallpapers and themes from 9apps. No need to download an app just for that.
• No filtering of any apps or games, like Play Store. Any app that you may not find on the Google Play Store, you are sure to find it on 9apps.
• Simple UI, for easy download and use. You can find recommended apps and game right on the home screen.
• The size of the app is a meagre 3mb which means power and memory consumption is minimal and it also does not run in the background like the Play Store.

Download 9apps for Android

Here’s how you can install 9apps for your device:

1. First navigate to Settings >>then go to Security>>then on the Device Administration tab>>you can toggle on the “Unknown Sources” option.

Unknown resource
2. Now you can download the file from any source on your web browser and open the APK file.

9apps download
3. Click Install, and once the process is complete, it will lead you to the app.

9apps installation
4. Enjoy the experience of 9Apps!

All Versions

These versions of the application are the most updated ones and are compatible with all the devices; you can select anyone and are assured to have a good time using the application.

9Apps APK (Update: 2018-08-30)
9Apps APK (Update: 2017-05-26)
9Apps APK (Update: 2017-04-21)
9Apps APK (Update: 2017-03-17)
9Apps APK (Update: 2017-02-28)
9Apps APK (Update: 2017-03-17)
9Apps APK (Update: 2015-02-16)

How to use 9Apps?

This is rather simple as you can use 9Apps just like the Google Play Store, except the interface, is far better, and you have unlimited options when it comes to downloading the apps you like. Once you install it, you are bound to prefer this over any other application store.

Advantages of 9Apps over Google Play Store

The distinct advantage 9apps has is the fact that it does not filter any apps, and you can find any and every app not available on the Play Store. This necessarily does not mean that the applications are not legal, in fact, most of the filtered ones are perfectly legal, but it harms the revenue stream for Google. Hence, on 9apps you can have access to any and every application you want.
You also get to download all the paid version of your favourite applications without having to pay the necessary premium. You can fully enjoy the experience without the interruption of advertisements and also get some bonus features as a part of the paid service.